Patient Testimonials

charles nige

Mr. Charles Nige , Africa

Mr. and Mrs. Charles came to India for Breast Cancer Surgery

Hi! I am Mr. Charles; I am from Africa, to be specific from Nigeria. Recently, my wife had her Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery in India. The best hospital staff with us carried out the best of medical service for my wife... Read More


Mrs. Caroline Johnson , Nigeria

A Race Against Time with Leukaemia Blood Cancer Treatment

Hi to all. I'm Caroline Johnson. I'm from Nigeria. I visited India for leukemia blood cancer treatment. I was facing many problems in my daily life, consultation with a local doctor cleared that they were symptoms of blood cancer...Read More

jeff nigeria

Mr. Jeff Nwaeke ,Nigeria

Prostate Cancer Surgery for his father

Gastric Bypass Surgery New Delhi, India is the latest fad among international patients, not only because of the low cost surgery procedures but also because New Delhi is a very popular tourist destination... Read More

mrs-daulamrs daula

Mrs. Daula ,Bangladesh

Parotid Gland Tumour Surgery of her son in India

Hello, I am Daula from Bangaladesh. I am very much grateful to avail the best services during my son’s Parotidectomy surgery in India. My daughter Sabrina contacted best health care providers in India... Read More

mrs okoro

Mrs. Okoro, Port Harcourt Nigeria

Medical check up in India

Hi. I am Mrs. Okoro from Nigeria. Recently, I got my Medical Check up in India at a very good hospital in Mumbai. A well renowned medical tourism company assisted me to get my Medical Check up in India ... Read More


Mr. Agha, Pakistan

Breast Cancer Surgery in India

I am Mrs. Agha from Pakistan. I came for my breast cancer surgery in India. I was always very much confident about my health. I am very much health conscious person... Read More

Michael Harper

Michael Harper, USA

Relief from Years Long Pain

I am Michael Harper from America .I am an accountant by profession. This could be the main reason of developing back pain. I was having back pain problem from nearly 5yrs. I tried a lot of things but... Read More


Mr. Ibrahim Abba, Cameroon

Prostate Cancer Surgery in India

My name is Ibrahim Abba and I came from Cameroon to get recovery from prostate cancer from a prostate cancer surgeon at Hyderabad in India. I needed the procedure of prostate cancer ... Read More

ben okoro

Mr. Ben Okoro, Nigeria

Prostate and Bladder Cancer Surgery in India

I am Ben Okoro, from Nigeria. I want to share my experience about my Prostectomy in India under latest Medical aids. I was suffering from prostate gland, and was getting treatments ... Read More

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