Parotid Gland Tumour Surgery of Mrs. Daula’s Son in India

Mrs. Daula, Bangladesh

Hello, I am Daula from Bangaladesh. I am very much grateful to avail the best services during my son’s Parotidectomy surgery in India. My daughter Sabrina contacted best health care providers in India. The best we chose and were satisfied with the information they provided.

Parotidectomy surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor makes an "S" shaped incision in front of the earlobe down to the neck. Thereafter, he or she removes the swollen area of the parotid gland. A thin plastic drainage tube is placed in the wound to remove excess fluids, and next the doctor closes up the incision. The wound normally heals quickly, leaving behind a faint scar. Patients typically feel pain and discomfort for 24 hours after parotidectomy surgery, but by the end of a week, the wound is normally pain-free. The drainage tube is removed 2-3 days after the surgery. Most of the swelling also resolves by this time. Stitches or clips used during parotid gland removal surgery are usually removed 5-7 days after the procedure.

My son was kept at the hospital for 3 days for observation. I mention a special thanks to the entire hospital staff, which was so caring towards my son’s health and needs. They gave him all his medicines on time, diet food was provided keeping in mind his surgery and health issues. I have visited many hospitals but I must say that hospitals in India are the best. I really appreciate the facilities that my son’s Parotidectomy surgery in India availed. The total experience that I had from in India had been outstanding and I would have no hesitation in advising anyone else to do it.

May God bless them all!
Thank you,
Mrs. Daula

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