Patient From Nigeria Underwent Medical Check up in India

Mrs. Okoro, Port Harcourt Nigeria

Hi. I am Mrs. Okoro from Nigeria. Recently, I got my Medical Check up in India at a very good hospital in Mumbai. A well renowned medical tourism company assisted me to get my Medical Check up in India at one of the best hospitals. This was my second visit to India. My first visit to India was with my husband about 3 months ago. This time I came with my brother. Both the times the medical tourism consultants assisted me and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality. They were very accommodating and supportive from the beginning. I got my Medical Check up in India and the necessary treatment too. I am very satisfied with the results and I am glad that I was in the right place at the right time.

Without assistance of the consultants, I don’t think I could have got my Medical Check up in India at such a reasonable price. I am satisfied with the services I got and don’t have any complaints at all. The hospital where I got my Medical Check up in India was outstanding. The medical facilities were excellent. My Medical Check up in India was done using the latest technology by brilliant doctors. The doctors, physicians, nurses and the entire hospital staff were very friendly. I consider myself very lucky that I chose Medical Check up in India. Everything was well planned. In future, if I require any medical assistance, I would definitely come to India and would suggest the same to all my friends back home in Nigeria.

May God bless them all!
Thank you,
Mrs Okoro

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