Successful Breast Cancer Surgery performed on Pakistan Patient in India

Mr. Agha, Pakistan

I am Mrs. Agha from Pakistan. I came for my breast cancer surgery in India. I was always very much confident about my health. I am very much health conscious person. But, contrary to this I started developing some unusual symptoms. I was feeling like there was a lump in my breast. I was feeling some pain as well. I consulted my family doctor about this problem. He told me undergo some tests. I got all the tests done and after seeing the reports I was told that I was having breast cancer. Knowing about a cancer in your body can shatter anybody.

I was also shocked after knowing this. Then I started looking for surgeons in my own country. As the medical infrastructure is not very much developed in native place my son started looking on the internet t so we can find any alternative abroad. Many hospitals and health care providers were seen on pages. We sent a query regarding my breast cancer surgery in India. I was happy to see the fast reply from a company asking me for some more details and the reports. I provided them with all the reports of mine. I had a brief discussion with head, regarding my breast cancer surgery in India. He answered all my questions very nicely. I got my surgery arranged with the best medical facilities and services in India.

In India, we were received by a customer relations officer of the company. He took us straight to the hospital where I was supposed to get my surgery done in India. The hospital was very nice and beautiful. I was feeling very much comfortable as I can speak Hindi and English very well.

I am very happy with the treatment I got for my breast cancer surgery in India. The surgeon was very nice and caring. He made me very much comfortable with the treatment. I am very much thankful to the hospital and medical tourism consultants for all the needful arrangements.

May God bless them all!
Thank you,
Mr. Agha, Pakistan

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