Mr and Mrs Charles Came to India for Breast Cancer Surgery

Mr. Charles - Africa

Hi! I am Mr. Charles; I am from Africa, to be specific from Nigeria. Recently, my wife had her Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery in India. The best hospital staff with us carried out the best of medical service for my wife. Luckily, my wife was diagnosed for her breast cancer at the right time during its initial stage, wherein its treatment and cure was possible. My wife who is a health conscious person noticed some unusual changes in her breast shape and size. She preferred to consult about these developments to the doctor. How wise this decision turned, we realized when she after going through the various medical tests like the Clinical Breast Exam, Ultrasound and Breast MRI got to know about the fact that she has breast cancer.

I knew that finding solution in Nigeria would be a total waste of time so without any delay I started searching for Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery in India and countries like Thailand, Malaysia and so on. Soon I realized that India would be the correct choice to the quality and affordability available for cancer treatment in India. My further search in India led me to a hospital which is a premier group in medical tourism that offers competent packages for various treatment and surgery. I read the testimonials of Nigerian and African patients and was glad to see their pleasant experiences.

Soon we reached India because delaying could worsen her health condition and her chances to be cured from her breast cancer. The Surgery is an advance treatment method for breast cancer patients, which is performed by making periareolar incision and the entire surgery is performed laparoscopically with a 10-mm 30° laparoscope. The biggest benefit of having this procedure is that it has shorter recovery and no complications. Thus my wife’s entire Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery in India was performed with all care and cure.

The hospital staff and surgeons deserves all applauds for carrying out such a smooth Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery in India. Indeed, henceforth I would never hesitate to recommend any medical treatment in India.

May God bless them all!
Thank you,
Mr. Charles

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