Relief from Years Long Pain from Disc Replacement in India

Michael Harper, USA

I am Michael Harper from America .I am an accountant by profession. This could be the main reason of developing back pain. I was having back pain problem from nearly 5yrs. I tried a lot of things but they didn’t work for me. When I met my family physician he told me to see a spine surgeon. But I was not in condition to afford the spine surgery in USA. So, I tried looking on the internet and I came across medical tourism in India. I found one of the best health care providers and I was asked to give my reports and they revert back to me. I gave them my reports and got an email that my surgery has been booked in the best disc replacement surgery Hospital in Delhi India. And the quotes were nearly less than half than what was quoted in USA. So, I was happy to go with the booking.

I got my surgery planned in India. I was in India after a week’s time. I was very happy with the Services right from my arrival on the airport. I was delivered straight to the hospital in an air conditioned cab. And believe me the hospital was very nice and I was feeling more like a guest than a patient. It was indeed the best disc replacement surgery hospital in Delhi India associated with the team. I discussed everything with the surgeon who was going to operate me. He was very much friendly and calm and explained everything to me in brief. I got the best medical facilities and medical treatment in India. I must say the team and doctors have kept there promise of providing my surgery in the best spine surgery hospital in Delhi India.

I am happy with the result after my surgery in India. thanks to the whole medical team and I wish them best luck for success.

May God bless them all!
Thank you,
Mr. Michael Harper,

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