Patient From Nigeria Underwent Prostate Cancer Surgery in India

Mr. Jeff Nwaeke, Nigeria

Hi, my name is Jeff Nwaeke. I came from Nigeria for my beloved father’s prostate cancer surgery in India. My father has always been very active, and a healthy individual with routine medical checks. But then during one of his checkups, the doctor back in Nigeria read us the less than welcome results of his prostate biopsy procedure that showed my father has cancer in his prostate gland. Everything around us seemed to halt for a moment.

A friend of mine told me about India Cancer Surgery Site with whom he got assistance with arranging his medical trip to India. After listening to his experience, I personally did some online research about the cancer surgery in India, the doctors, hospitals and the cost. Being confident to a certain extent, I contacted your group, sending a query for my father’s cancer surgery in India. Within two days, I received a call from an executive, who asked me to send my father’s medical reports so as it could be studied by their medical panel, who will then provide with their medical opinions. The executive was kind and soft spoken and helped me throughout the planning of medical trip to India. Within a week we received a mail from them with few prostate cancer treatment options from the best surgeons and hospitals. It also contained the cost estimation for the surgery. The cost of cancer surgery for my father was well within our budget. After making our decision, we gave them our confirmation to travel down to India for my father’s prostate cancer surgery.

An official welcomed us at the International airport and escorted us to the hotel. Next day we were escorted to the hospital which was not too far from the hotel and the environment was very good. We met the surgeon who was to perform the surgery for my father’s prostate cancer. He was a perfect and excellent surgeon for treating prostate cancer. He was a very confident man who actually listens to the complaints and answered all our doubts and queries. I must tell you going through all this seem difficult but it wasn’t for us since the hospital staff was quite friendly and supportive.

The surgery went well and as per the doctor the results were good. My father recovered slowly and smoothly. We received excellent services, care at the best facilities, right from the first point of contact till we returned back home. The nurses and the staff were really incredible in delivering excellent medical services and complete support throughout our stay at the hospitals. Since the post operative reports were normal, my father was deemed fit to travel back to Nigeria following two to three weeks of bed rest.

This was indeed a memorable event in our life and I shall always cherish the good memories I had in India. I was touched by the hospitality, care and support we received during our stay in India. I extend my hearty thanks to all those who were involved to provide us with a hassle free medical trip to India. May god bless everyone who has been directly or indirectly involved in arranging my father’s cancer surgery in India. I am thankful to your team for your complete support and assistance right from arranging the Medical visa to India till the time we reached back home. I would recommend anyone who needs to undergo cancer surgery to get it done in India to get it arranged through your group.

May God bless them all!
Thank you,
Mr. Jeff Nwaeke

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