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What is Stomach Cancer?

Also referred to as Gastric Cancer, in Stomach Cancer there is growth of Cancerous cells inside the lining of the Stomach. Although it is one of the rare forms of Cancer, the biggest challenge is the difficulty to detect it. It can take many years before it reaches a detectable stage.

There are several types of Stomach Cancer:

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GST)
Carcinoid Tumour
Other Cancer like Small Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, etc.

Symptoms And Causes of Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer is directly connected to tumours in the Stomach, but certain factors or diseases can make you more prone to this condition. These can be:

Tumours that have developed in the digestive system
Lymphoma – group of Blood Cancers
H. pylori bacterial infections – a commonly occurring Stomach infection that occasionally leads to Ulcers
Stomach Polyps – unusual growthof tissues that develop on the lining of the Stomach
Other causes can be:
History of alcohol abuse
Consumption of too much meat, salty or processed food,
Lack of exercise
Inappropriate cooking methods
Not storing food properly
There are hardly any noticeable symptoms during the initial stages.

The Signs and Symptoms Include:

Low appetite
Weight loss despite the patients not attempting to
Abdominal pain
Frequently occurring indigestion or Heartburn
Unusual discomfort around the navel area
Feeling a fullness in the upper Abdomen area, despite of having small quantity of food
Swelling in the abdominal area
Blood in stool
Anaemia or Low Red Blood Cell count
Fluid accumulation in the Abdomen

Many of these symptoms can be similar to cases of ulcer or stomach virus, but if these symptoms persist and do not go away or worsen, then such patients should immediately consult a specialist.

Ages Affected by Stomach Cancer

More common is men than women, Stomach Cancer is more prevalent in the people over the age of 50. Although there is very little chance of a man getting this Cancer during his lifetime, but the above-mentioned risk factors can certainly increase the probability.

Treatment Options Available For Stomach Cancer

The choice of treatment depends on what stage the Cancer is, and this is determined by considering three factors – the size of the tumour, if it has spread to the surrounding Lymph Nodes and if it has invaded into the distant organ like Lungs or Liver.

Stomach Cancer


Surgery is implemented at different stages of Stomach Cancer or is often clubbed with other forms of treatment. Stomach Cancer Surgery is done to eliminate the Cancer and either part or the complete Stomach, and some of the surrounding Lymph Nodes. Sometimes, other organs may be required to remove too.
Even in cases where the Cancer has spread badly, patients can benefit from surgery because it helps by stopping the bleeding from the tumour, also protect the Stomach from getting blocked due to the growing tumour. This surgery is known as Palliative Surgery.

There are different types of surgery possible and chosen depending on the part of the Stomach that is affected.
• Endoscopic Resection
• Subtotal or Partial Gastrectomy
• Total Gastrectomy

2)Radiation Therapy

1)Neoadjuvant Radiation : This is done prior to the surgery to shrink the tumour and it prevents the further spread to a huge extent

2)Adjuvant Radiation : It is highly effective and is generally given after surgery to lower the chances of the Cancer coming back.


The usage of anti-cancer drugs either injected or given via pills.

1)Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy : Given before the surgery, this can shrink the tumour thus making the surgery easier. It also keeps the Cancer from coming back and help the patients with a longer span of life

2)Adjuvant Chemotherapy: This is given post-surgery and the aim of this chemo is to destroy any Cancer cells that are left but are too small. Often, this is combined with Radiation Therapy and is known as Chemoradiation.

4)Targeted Medications 

These medications may work for patients, who did not benefit from standard Chemotherapy. These might have different side-effects. Further research is going on finding other drugs that might work for Stomach Cancer

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