Best Treatment Options For Kidney Cancer Treatment In India

What is Kidney Cancer?

One of the most common kind of Cancer, Kidney Cancer is also known as Renal Cancer. It is a disease where the cells get Cancerous or malignant and start multiplying uncontrollably, resulting into the formation of a tumour. There are different types of Kidney Cancer and related symptoms. From the type of Kidney Cancer, the doctor can find out from which type of cell it started and thus the right mode of treatment can be chosen.

What are the Types of Kidney Cancer?

The most common type of Kidney Cancer affecting the adults is Renal Cell Cancer, which is also known as Renal Cell Adenocarcinoma. In this, the cancerous cells set off from the lining of the tubules, the smallest tubes within the nephrons and which aid in the filtration of blood and making urine.

The three primary types of Renal Cell Cancer include Clear cell, Papillary and Chromophobe. There are other rare forms of Cancer include Renal Medually Carcinoma and Carcinoma of the collecting ducts, Sarcomatoid Renal (Kidney) Cancer, Transitional Cell Cancer of the Kidney or Ureter and Wilms’ Tumour.

Causes of Kidney Cancer

The exact cause of Kidney Cancer is not clear but there are many risk factors, which can make a person more prone to getting Kidney Cancer:
Long-term Dialysis
Von Hippel :Lindau (VHL) Syndrome
Gender causes : Males are more susceptible to get diagnosed with Kidney Cancer
People with history of Kidney Cancer in their families
People with Lymphoma
Skin colour : as compared to white people, the blacks are a little more prone
Consumption of some particular over the counter medications or prescription drugs for a long span of time
Occupational hazards : people in contact with specific chemicals at their workplaces; for example, workers exposed to chemicals like Cadmium and Asbestos, also workers in the steel and iron are at risk

What are the early Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Cancer?

Mostly, during the early stages, there are not many symptoms that appear, but as the tumour keeps growing, there are some noticeable symptoms like that are common, including:

Weight loss without any reason
Loss of appetite
Persistent pain in the side regions of the body
Blood in the urine
Dark red or rusty coloured urine
Generally poor health
Persistent feeling of tiredness
Fever that continues for weeks and the fever is not due to either cold or any infection
A lump or mass in the side or in the abdomen
Swelling in the legs or ankles

When the Cancer has spread into other parts of the body, there may be symptoms like pain in the bones, coughing up blood and breathing difficulties.

Treatment Options Available For Kidney Cancer

More specifically, Kidney Cancer treatment in India has become a very favourable option for patients from many countries around the globe. The different types of treatment are:
o Simple Nephrectomy : Kidney removal procedure
o Radical Nephrectomy : the Kidney, the adrenal gland and some surrounding tissues are removed and is                                                               helpful for patients with smaller tumours
o Partial Nephrectomy : It is done to eliminate the Cancer and some nearby tissues
If surgery doesn’t help, then:
• Radiofrequency Ablation : High energy radio waves are used to target the tumour
Cryotherapy :  Very low or cold temperature is used to destroy the tumour
Arterial Embolization : Through this the blood flow to the tumour is blocked, which shrinks the tumour
Biological Therapy : The body’s immune system is used to help the patient fight the Cancer, by boosting and                                                      empowering the body’s defences
Targeted Therapy : Different types of drugs are used to target or destroy the Cancer Cells
Radiation Therapy : This uses high energy X-rays and is helpful for patients who cannot undergo surgical                                                    options
Chemotherapy : Using drugs the Cancer cells are killed or stopped from multiplying

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