Advanced Surgery Techniques for Treatment of Liver Cancer

Many patients are candidates for surgical removal (resection) of their liver tumors and liver cancers, which is the treatment approach associated with the highest chance for cure. Liver resections for curing liver cancer are generally considered complex medical operation procedures and published data has consistently demonstrated that hospitals and centers with the highest liver cancer surgery experience the lowest complication and death rates. As concering liver cancer surgery in India surgeons practise the most recent medical treatment guidelines for treatment of liver cancer.

New techniques are used to minimize blood loss during liver cancer surgery including use of radiofrequency energy during liver dissection, use of ultrasonic dissection, and use of surgical staplers during liver cancer surgery have reduced the instances in which blood transfusions are required. The hospital stay following major liver cancer surgery has been reduced to seven days as a result of many of these advances. For patients with unresectable liver tumors, surgical treatment options include liver transplantation, radiofrequency ablation, ethanol injection, chemoembolization, and insertion of hepatic arterial infusion pumps. (More information on hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy can be obtained from Medtronic and from MGH Surgical Oncology.)

The team of cancer surgeons in India is also poised to launch a new clinical trial involving hyperthermic isolated perfusion of the liver cancer treatment in India as an extension of a clinical trial in the Surgery Branch at the National Cancer Institutes in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The team is also developing gene therapies for unresectable liver tumors, and is poised to launch a clinical trial of Herpes simplex viral treatment of liver cancer.

The development of living-related liver cancer surgery by this team to offer liver cancer surgery in India to suitable patients in a more timely fashion and avoid relatively long wait times associated with cadaveric organs. The cancer surgeon’s team in India at oncology hospitals at Mumbai and Delhi is working together with colleagues in radiology to develop the most sensitive tests for detection of liver tumors and liver cancers, as well as tests that allow precise mapping of liver volumes for operative planning. This team of surgeons is also experienced in performance of intraoperative ultrasound examination of the liver, which has been demonstrated to be the most sensitive method for detection of liver cancer.

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