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Overview :

Pediatric oncology focuses on the treatment of cancers affecting children. Common childhood cancers include leukemia, neuroblastoma, brain cancers, lymphomas, Wilms’ tumor, bone cancers, germ cell tumors, rhabdomyosarcoma, and retinoblastoma. Childhood cancer is uncommon – only about one in 330 children will develop cancer before the age of 19. Pediatric hematology is the uniqueness of pediatric medicine that entails diagnosing and treating kids with illnesses of the blood or blood-forming organs.

Dr. Vikas Dua Expert In Pediatric Cancers In India

Cancer is not what parents imagine when envisioning their son’s or daughter’s childhood. When illness strikes, moms and dads want their child to get well as quickly, safely and permanently as possible so they can put sickness behind them and get back to the life ahead of them. With Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India, his pediatric cancer treatment plan is built to deliver on these goals. With him, your child will have access to the newest options in childhood cancer treatment, which is known worldwide for his expertise. Dr. Vikas Dua famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi provides individualized care for each child he treats. He offers a wide range of care and services customized to each patient’s specific health care needs.

Dr. Vikas Dua Offers High-Quality Pediatric Cancer Care For Every Child

Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India provides diagnosis of and treatment for childhood hematologic and immunologic disorders and malignancies. He expertise in the management of childhood leukemias and solid tumors, actively participates in treatment protocols. Dr. Vikas Dua famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi also offers patients’ families a comprehensive program of support services. Children with blood disorders and cancers are treated with the most advanced medicine by him. Dr. Vikas Dua chief pediatric oncologist in fortis Delhi offers complete and compassionate care to kids with blood disorders and diseases, right here at fortis hospital Delhi.

Why Choose Dr. Vikas Dua  Best  Pediatric Oncology In India?

Your child’s oncologist is not only expert in delivering treatment, but is involved in the development of new ways to treat these diseases more safely, effectively and with fewer side effects. Some of the most significant breakthroughs in the treatment of pediatric cancers have happened right by Dr. Vikas Dua bone marrow specialist in Delhi India.
Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India is fully specialized in pediatric oncology.
Dr. Vikas Dua pediatric oncologist fortis Delhi is passionate about treating and curing children with cancer using the best possible methods. And he also wants to prevent the development of negative side effects in young patients, both now and over the long term.
Children with cancer and their parents can be confident that Dr. Vikas Dua famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi has the best people, care, knowledge, and research.
Dr. Vikas Dua hematology specialist in India provides all of this in a safe environment that optimizes the development of children.
With Dr. Vikas Dua, children, their development, and their families are the main priority of the best experts.

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