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Overview : Kidney Cancer

The dreaded disease, kidney cancer starts in the kidneys and then affects the other body parts. The kidneys are the two bean-shaped organs with about the size of your fist. These are found behind the abdominal organs having one kidney on each side of the spine. Among the adults, the renal cell carcinoma is among the most common kind of kidney cancer, while about 90% of these comprises of the cancerous tumors. And the other less common types of the kidney cancer are seen occuring. The young kids are also more likely to develop the kind of kidney cancer, which are known as the Wilms’ tumor. Of late the dreaded disease has been increasing with the passing time, however, with the help of competent Best Uro Oncologist in Delhi and developed treatment options, more and more global patients are getting competitive solutions.

How Do I Know If I Have Kidney Cancer?

There are several symptoms that indicate the presence of Kidney cancer. These include getting blood in your urine that may make it appear cola or red in color. You may experience pain at the lower back portion of your body that does not go away, you feel the loss of appetite, Unexplained weight loss, then you may feel some amount of Tiredness and nausea along with getting fever that may come and go. However, these symptoms are not often seen in the early stages of the dreaded disease but are found in the advanced stage. The kidney cancer rarely pose any sign or symptoms in the early stages, while there are not regular tests that can be used to find out the presence of the kidney cancer. So, once you feel the above said signs and symptoms, you are supposed to consult the Best Uro Oncologist in Delhi  then he or she may carry out a few tests to confirm the presence and thus start the treatment for it.

How is Kidney Cancer Diagnosed?

When it comes to the kidney cancer, there are several ways in which it is diagnosed by the Best Uro Oncologist in Delhi. These tests include the following:
Blood and urine tests : It will test your blood & urine that can give the doctor some clues about the dreaded
Imaging tests : These imaging tests will help your doctor to visualize the presence of a kidney tumor or
abnormality. These tests can include ultrasound, CT scan or MRI.
Removing a sample of kidney tissue or biopsy : This may be used in rare cases when your doctor would remove a
small sample of cells from the kidney and test in the lab to check the signs of cancer.

Who Can Cure The Kidney Cancer ? How Do I Find Them?

Obviously the doctor and the best uro oncologist in Delhi would treat you when you have kidney cancer. There are several options available for them to treat the cancer, however, the surgery is often the popular choice to get rid of this menace. The surgery dealing with removing the affected portion of the kidney with cancer is called nephrectomy, which can be used to treat the patient. Now, when it comes to finding out the doctor, you need to rely on any top medical tourism company and with little research one can find the same. This company will help in getting the best doctor for you and thus help you get rid of the dreaded ailment.

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